The best hotels of New York

Before choosing the hotel to stay in, try to define what you are actually waiting for. If you’re businessmen you might need special equipment and conference rooms. On the other hand leisure tourist will probably appreciate the nice location close to sights or at least to the local train station. People with kids will admire the quiet hotel, while romantic couples might crave for special services and privacy. One of the most suitable hotels for tourists and couples will be Tribeca Grand Hotel. Here the ancient atmosphere and elegant interiors will offer a lot of great moments for romantic lovers feeling themselves as if in a castle. The tourists will appreciate the location of the hotel being close to sights.

Ritz Carlton Central Park Luxury Hotel is also the good solution for leisure tourists since it’s close to sights and train station in case you’d like to explore further districts of NY. On the other hand it’s close to Central Park, where the couples will have the opportunity to spend some time together in the hands of nature. Want to impress your colleagues and get your business deal? Make the conference or meeting in the quarters of Michelangelo hotel. Its unique Italian style will mesmerize your guests, while the level of service will definitely impress them.

Looking for a cheap yet nice hotel consider staying in Pioneer of Soho Hotel or Comfort Inn Manhattan. Here you will get value or money along with comparably adequate service and even some sweet bonuses like coffee in bed.

Residence Inn Marriott Plainview NY is a bit more expensive and rated as 3 star. This hotel is suitable to go there with children, since it’s positioned in a quiet place and offers great opportunity to play outdoors.

Bentley Hotel as well as Waldorf Astoria hotel is everything about style and quality. Luxury place to stay with a lot of benefits for all classes of guests.

Days Inn Manhattan Midtown is a sweet boutique hotel with relaxing atmosphere, while W hotel Tuscany New York also rated 4 star is more of the historical sanctuary for the tourists.