Best New York Hotels as the place to stay in the city

What do we actually expect from the nice New York hotels? What are the basic features they need to have to draw our attention?

First of all they need to have good location. Staying close to the city center they offer the possibility to get to the main sights of the New York City. The most preferable hotels are situated close to the Times Square as the most popular business center, and the Central Park as the only place on Manhattan that is suitable for a walk. Consider staying in Marriott ExecuStay at the Chelsea or choose the well known Vanderbilt YMCA. You can also find the free room in the Lombardy hotel. Still if it is fully booked, try the cozy Library hotel placed right on the well known Madison Avenue.

Some New York Hotels are meant for businessmen, here you will all the needed facilities including the business center and meeting rooms. Usually the hotels offer at least several business rooms, so the guests will not have to wait in case the two conferences shall take place in one day. These rooms are fully equipped with everything you might need to run your business successfully abroad. If you’re looking for the hotels of this type, consider staying in the Residence Inn Plainview or in more comfortable still more costly Sheraton Manhattan hotel. Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan will be also nice option in case you need large meeting rooms with the personal translator. If this hotel doesn’t suite you due to the high pricing policy, try to book the room in Fitzpatrick Manhattan hotel on Lexington Ave. There you will definitely find all the needed amenities.

There are also a lot of hotels that will gladly accommodate the leisure guests. They are usually offering a lot of amenities that can be interesting for the international pleasure tourist. First of all they have the modern fitness hall with all training devices you might ever dream about. They have SPA with a lot of supporting services and of course they have the large swimming pool to be offered to the guests. We don’t even point out the luxury restaurants and bars as well as we do not say about the shops and boutiques that might appear to be within easy reach from the hotel. They all can be offered as the nice bonus. If you’re looking for the hotel for leisure stay, consider hotel Pennsylvania or the fashionable Kimberly hotel. The modern Casablanca hotel on the West Street is going to suite your needs, so does the Metro Motel. If you’re looking for something exclusive yet budget, consider Plaza Fifty Suite hotel as the possible place of your stay.

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